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Member Purebred Dog Breeders
Breeders listed on the Harrisburg Kennel Club’s website have agreed to adhere to the HKC Code of Ethics.

“I hereby certify that I do not sell puppies or dogs to retailers, that I do not buy puppies for resale, and that I do not have a kennel license issued by the State of Pennsylvania other than Private Class I or Private Class II, or Boarding. I further agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club regarding the sale and registration of purebred dogs. I subscribe to the Code of Ethics (if any) of the Breed Club to which I belong and I agree to abide by the standards of kennel conditions as set forth in the Rules and Regulations of Act 225/1982 – the Pennsylvania Dog Law as amended, and the provisions of Act 27 of 1997 – the Dog Purchasers Protection Act, commonly known as the Puppy Lemon Law.”

For information on how to choose a breeder, click here.

If you do not see the breed you are interested in on this page, check the AKC Breeder Referral page or contact our breed referral liaison at breedreferral@hkc.org.

This directory is provided through the Harrisburg Kennel Club, Inc. as a courtesy to its members. Inclusion of a member’s web page in no way implies endorsement of a member, their dogs, their breeding practices, or any contents or statements included on a member’s web page or any links the member may provide.


Brittany - Brookewood Brittanys
Brittany - Hartman Hobby Sport

German Shorthaired Pointer - South Mountain German Shorthaired Pointers

Havanese - Cara Dulce Havanese

Labrador Retriever - Meadowfrost Labradors
Labrador Retriever - Redfern Canines

Miniature Schnauzers - JoMi Miniature Schnauzers

Samoyed – Whitestone Samoyeds

Shiba Inu – Rodel Shibas